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If there is no vending machine either, you are obliged to ask staff what to do: Semi-express trains, skips some stations. Almost all conductors speak English. Head to any major train station Hauptbahnhof and find the Reisezentrum.

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Use a Preis Finder in German to find a cheapest Sparpreis variant for your journey. It will automatically offer the cheapest possible fare, including any applicable early-booking discounts in addition to the regular fare. Those tariff systems can be totally different from city to city. Close cooperation with Lufthansa on selected routes. For short journeys, the network tickets can be cheaper.

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At a manned ticket counter. If you search a connection with the on-line timetable , it offers you automatically a most favourable discount for desired journey. Unlimited transfers between trains, buses, etc. Use a Preis Finder in German to find a cheapest Sparpreis variant for your journey. Any travel within a single Verkehrsverbund is local and usually quite cheap; but any travel between Verkehrsverbunde requires either a special within North Rhine-Westphalia or the full DB fare and will usually be considerably more expensive. If the train is too expensive for you, travelling by arranged ride-sharing is often a viable alternative in Germany. The basic unit of confusion is the Verkehrsverbund VB , or tariff union, which is basically a region around a large city or sometimes almost the whole Bundesland federal state that has a single tariff system.

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