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The dominant abolitionist faction consists of Catholics, family values advocates and sections within feminism and the left. This disquiet enabled Nicolas Sarkozy to later mobilize public anxiety about security evident in the elections that year in his Domestic Security bill. Insex tourism was added if offences against minors were committed by French residents outside France.

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Finally, article 52 allowed for jährlich reports to be published on prostitution in France, from onwards. As the war advanced, so did the need and rank of the prostitutes entertained. I hope that these women will have a better future than facing degrading encounters night after night In drawing this distinction, Sarkozy made frequent reference to the inability to speak French, constructing the issue as a defense of French. The pervasiveness of this thinking is even found in the budget. These positions are the familiar ones that define sex work as violence against women on the one hand, and those who see the problem as stigmatisation and poor working conditions on the other. The framework was very similar to the Deryck report, depicting prostitution as violence rather than law and order, and seeking punishment of exploiters, but also measures for prevention and support. It was noted that there was no action to deal with organized crime or those who might be exploiting sex workers. French policy emphasised, along with the International Convention, that the real evil was prostitution, not trafficking, defined as an accompanying evil. Meanwhile, immigration policies have become increasingly restrictive, and soliciting can result in the removal of a migrant's work permit.

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Criminalization of the exploitation brothels, procuring, pimping of prostitution, and support and re-integration for those exiting. Proposed Article removed the necessity of the police having evidence of soliciting, allowing 'dress or posture' to be sufficient. There is no evidence that any of this was effective. By rescuing these victims of trafficking and returning them home, he proposed to solve the situation. The vague language is due to the fact that such measures remain controversial in the Socialist Party. Prostitutes were not marginalized, but integrated into society where they had a role to play.


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