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In the beginning, you will need to cease the stimulation for at least seconds, so that the impulse to ejaculate will have time to fade away. Nimm Dir eine Auszeit! You control your emotions and state of mind. Deshalb wird jedes Körperteil mit einbezogen, wobei jeder gleichwertig ist, auch der Intimbereich.

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A Tantric man strives to be in a relationship consciously, to observe and control his emotions and to choose to be in love. If you succeeded in avoiding the ejaculation, you may direct your energy along the spine, up to the crown of the head, in order to conclude the lovemaking session with your whole body radiating energy. Be perseverant and do this exercise until you are able to fully control your erection or your tendency to ejaculate, through a simple mental command. Furthermore, they noticed that their health and longevity have been substantially improved. GAY-TANTRA uses the strongest of these including the roadmap of the chakras, gay yoga, giving angeschaltet idea of personal development, and the tantric energy circles creating deepest intimacy with oneself and one's partner. If you identified the correct area, then you should feel a small hollow when you press. Gleiches gilt für Frauen, die nur schwer den Höhepunkt erreichen oder dem Partner den Orgasmus deshalb oft vorspielen. Tantra Musts You must practice only techniques you like. Contract solely the uro-genital diaphragm and the perineum.

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