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Sally rubbed her pussy against Leslie's thigh imagining what was to come. She felt her passion rising and her clit getting hard. Neither was watching until Sally noticed that the news was showing a live car chase.

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Leslie felt a wave of warmth move over her chest and then lower to her loins. The two had finished a meal of take-out and were lounging on the sofa with the TV on. She held Leslie's labia between her own lips and ran her tongue over Leslie's hard clit again and again until she erupted in a string of mind-shattering orgasms. So, she enjoyed her time unwinding, changing out of her work clothes and having a glass of wine and some girl talk with the younger Sally. Both women moved to undo the pants of the other. Sally collected the droplet of mother's milk on her finger and tasted it. Sometimes they would have dinner and play with the baby. Besides, you are pretty mature for eighteen.

Fetisch Polen Ficken Laktation

She wanted to help her friend. One evening, with the baby asleep, the two got to talking. The two had finished a meal of take-out and were lounging on the sofa with the TV on. Sally was still watching the police chase as Leslie walked through the living room toward the kitchen. As she moved, Leslie's own large, pendulous breasts hung down in Sally's face. As Leslie moved, her big breasts were drawn away from Sally's appreciative lips. Leslie's fingers rubbed the wetness over Sally's lips and plunged back inside. She came back into the living room carrying the pump and one AA battery.


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